VicLabour is the Youth branch of the New Zealand Labour Party based out of Victoria University. Our membership is open to all young people in the Wellington region, regardless of their university, job or school.

VicLabour is committed to creating a fairer, more prosperous and more equal Aotearoa. New Zealand is a great place to live, but with a fairer tax system and proper investment in education, health, housing, workers’ rights and the environment, we can make it even better.

We are one of the largest Labour branches in the country, and are proud of our campaign work -  being actively involved in both local body and general election campaigns. We have a strong voice within Young Labour and the party as a whole, contributing to policy debate and development.

We’re passionate about campaigning for the party vote all over Wellington and spreading the word for Labour. If you’d like to get involved please send us an email or fill out the get involved form - we’d love to meet you.


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