Young Labour Website Launch

Welcome to the new Young Labour website! We are excited to share with you the upcoming campaigns we plan on running leading into the 2017 General Election to help change the government. Through this website we will be running campaigns, sharing events and keeping activists across the country involved in how they can help the New Zealand Labour Party in the 2017 General Election.

We have redone this website because we could not keep going on with our old, and severely outdated one. We are growing and expanding as a Youth Sector, and we feel like our website should reflect that. It is important to have a website that accurately reflects what we are doing as New Zealand Young Labour.

Young Labour has always been actively involved in Labour campaigns, and we are excited about the new digital campaigns we will be able to run with this website. Not only will we be talking to people and campaigning over the phone and on the doorstep, but now we will also be able to reach them online.

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In order to continue running campaigns, and keeping this fantastic new website up and running, we need donations from people like you. If you would like to donate to help keep everything running, you can do it here.


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