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Who We Are

Young Labour is the youth wing of the New Zealand Labour Party. All members of the Labour Party under the age of 26 are members of Young Labour. Our membership comprises a diverse range of young people from around New Zealand and our supporters have many different backgrounds, ideas, and interests. Young Labour fights for the Labour Party principles of equality, freedom, and fairness; for empowering people and giving them real opportunities and choices in life. Young Labour and the New Zealand Labour Party are working towards a New Zealand where people do not just survive, but they thrive.

Through being involved in Young Labour you participate and organise campaigns, push for exciting and bold policy changes, and help change the direction of the Labour Party. Young Labour is a strong activist base, challenging where we see fit as well as working towards a New Zealand where everyone has a fair go.


Our Priorities

Young Labour is a force for progressive change in New Zealand and the natural home for young New Zealanders wanting to make our world a better place. We combine bold social democratic ideas, with the determination and capability to get our priorities delivered in the real world.

Young Labour works to develop progressive policy and to get it adopted by the Labour Party and delivered in Government. We also run public campaigns to build momentum and support around important issues.

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